Engage the community and get support

The Spinnaker OSS project was started at Netflix, and today thrives on the contributions and broad adoption of the public devops community. Here are some ways to engage the community and find help—join us!

  • Spinnaker community forum

    Closely monitored by Spinnaker principal developers, this forum is a good place to initiate discussions that might go on for a while and that won’t scroll off the screen before you notice them.

  • GitHub

    The Spinnaker org, with repos for its many services. Come here to contribute to the Spinnaker services and documentation.

    If you find a problem, you can file an issue here. (However, if you just have a question, use one of the other resources listed here.)

  • Slack

    A great place to get quick answers to questions that do not require extended, threaded discussion.

  • Stack Overflow

    Many people involved in the Spinnaker community can answer questions posed here. However, the principal developers don’t monitor Stack Overflow as closely.

Who’s using Spinnaker?

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Project Governance

Spinnaker is an OSS project owned and run by the community, through a structure of appointed roles. One important goal of this governance model is to make it easier for everyone to figure out how to get involved. If you want to get involved, we want to help you get there! As the project grows and its needs evolve, we will - as a community - continue to revisit and shape this structure.

You can read more about how you can get involved through project SIGs, roles, and standing committees in the Governance section.