The roadmap indicates target and stretch-goal items that the broad community is working on. As our release versioning matures, we expect to move to a more granular model for communicating timelines for features.

2017 Q4

Area Features
General Automated Canary Analysis alpha with Atlas, Stackdriver, Prometheus
  Pub/sub and Kafka support for triggering pipelines
App Engine Deployment artifacts from GCS
Kubernetes Kubernetes config manifest based deployments

2017 Q3

Area Features
General Standard messaging format for trigger events and artifact handling (e.g. Jenkins)
  Making it easier to create custom pipeline stages
  Making it easy to plug in new top-level UIs
  Enhancing support for Spinnaker’s Expression Language
  General Hystrix improvements

2017 Q2

Area Features
General Establish regular versioned releases of Spinnaker
  halyard - install and upgrade Spinnaker on versioned or nightly releases
  halyard - configure providers, persistence, authn/z, monitoring
  UI for Managed Pipeline Templates
  Canary strategy alpha for AWS, GCE

2017 Q1

Area Features
General Establish regular versioned releases of Spinnaker
  halyard - configure & verify GCE, K8S/GKE providers
  halyard - configure & verify container registry providers
  halyard - deploy clustered-Spinnaker to Kubernetes
  halyard - install Spinnaker via apt-get
  Managed Pipeline Templates - Codifying delivery best practices can be achieved through centrally managed master pipeline definitions; teams can choose to implement and even extend base functionality so as to reduce configuration needs
  Rolling Red/Black deployment strategy
  Begin work on canary release strategy
Security LDAP for authentication/identity store
  LDAP for authorizations group membership store
  Stretch: Azure AD Graph support for Authorization
GCE Stackdriver dashboard for operating Spinnaker
Kubernetes Spinnaker on Kubernetes Google Cloud Monitoring integration
  Stackdriver dashboard for operating Spinnaker
Azure Spinnaker QuickStart in Azure Marketplace
  Azure Blob Support/Deprecate Cassandra support
  Increase test coverage/ documentation updates
  Support for multiple bake templates in packer
  Codelab – VM deployment on Azure w/ Spinnaker
  Codelab – Deploying to Kubernetes on Azure w/ Spinnaker
Cloud Foundry Code lab for installing Spinnaker on CF and deploying to CF
App Engine App Engine provider beta

2016 Q4

Area Features
General Beginning Declarative Continuous Delivery format and strategy
  Workflow engine refactoring for V2 API
Security Authentication support with OAuth
  Authorizations support with Google Groups, GitHub teams and SAML groups
Google Compute Engine L4 Load Balancer SSL support
  L7 HTTP/S Load Balancer support
  Internal Load Balancer support
  Consul integration for enable/disable operations
Kubernetes Deployment support
  Spinnaker on Kubernetes Google Cloud Logging integration
Openstack Integration tests (citest) implementation
  Implementation documentation
  Consul support
Azure Solution Template - Deploy to VM Scale Set using Jenkins and Spinnaker
  Key Vault Support