Front50 Internals Overview

From Front50’s README:

Front50 is the system of record for all Spinnaker metadata, including: application, pipeline and service account configurations.

All metadata is durably stored and served out of an in-memory cache.



The following storage backends are supported:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Redis
  • SQL - recommended

SQL is a cloud agnostic storage backend that offers strong read-after-write consistency and metadata versioning.


The following types are represented in Front50 (data models):

Type Description
Application Defines a set of commonly named resources managed by Spinnaker (metadata includes name, ownership, description, source code repository, etc.).
Application Permission Defines the group memberships required to read/write any application resource.
Entity Tags Provides a general purpose and cloud agnostic tagging mechanism.
Notification Defines application-wide notification schemes (email, slack and sms).
Pipeline Defines a reusable delivery workflow (exists within the context of a specific application).
Pipeline Strategy Defines a custom deployment strategy (exists within the context of a specific application).
Project Provides a (many-to-many) grouping mechanism for multiple applications.
Service Account Defines a system identity (with group memberships) that can be associated with one or more pipeline triggers.


We strive to make it easy to introduce additional metadata attributes; models are simple objects and serialized to JSON at persistence time.

Migrators for non-trivial attribute changes are supported via implementations of the Migration interface.

The StorageServiceSupport class maintains an in-memory cache for each metadata type and delegates read/write operations to a storage backend-specific StorageService implementation.

Relevant Metrics

The following metrics are relevant to overall Front50 health:

Metric Description Grouping
controller.invocations (count) Invocation counts. controller
controller.invocations (average) Invocation times. controller, statusCode and method
controller.invocations (count) All 5xx responses. controller, statusCode and status = 5xx