Create an application

You can’t create a deployment pipeline unless you have an application to put it in. If you’re accessing Spinnaker for the first time and there are no applications available, the first thing you’re going to do is create one.

  1. From any screen, click on the Applications tab.

    Note that there might be some applications there already. In some cases, Spinnaker creates applications automatically based on existing infrastructure.

    These applications will be marked “unconfigured”; they won’t have the application attributes that are added when you create a new application. These inferred applications are not suitable for putting your pipelines in; go ahead and create a new one.

  2. Click Actions, then Create Application.

  3. Provide the application attributes in the New Application dialog.

    • Provide a Name

      This name can’t be changed later.

    • Owner Email is your email address, or that of someone else who will own this application.

    • Repo Type tells Spinnaker where to find your repository.

    • Description can be anything you want, but should help others understand what this application is for.

    • Instance Health tells Spinnaker how to assess the health of the instance you’re deploying to.

      • Consider only cloud provider… if activated, tells Spinnaker to rely only on the machine itself to report its health. This is the easier option, and is recommended for development. If not selected, Spinnaker uses the health provider configured in your load balancer. This is a more thorough check and is recommended for production.

      • Show health override lets you choose the health check separately for each task.

    • The Instance Port gives the default port number, on the deployed instance, that Spinnaker will use when constructing links on the instance’s detail view.

    • Enable restarting running pipelines, if selected, lets you restart stages while the pipeline is running. Not recommended.

  4. Click Create.

Next steps

You now have an application in which to start adding infrastructure and creating pipelines. These application attributes are the minimum configuration, but you will probably want to finish configuring the application.