Triggering pipelines with Jenkins

This guide assumes that you have enabled the artifactsRewrite feature flag. See Prerequisites.

This guide explains how to add a Jenkins trigger to your pipeline.


  • Set up Jenkins as a continuous integration system in your Spinnaker deployment.
  • Enable the artifactsRewrite feature flag in Spinnaker. In ~/.hal/$DEPLOYMENT/profiles/settings-local.js (where $DEPLOYMENT is typically default), add the line window.spinnakerSettings.feature.artifactsRewrite = true;.

Adding a Jenkins trigger

  1. Create a pipeline.
  2. In the Configuration stage of your new pipeline, add a trigger.
  3. Select Jenkins from the Type menu, which brings up the following screen:

  4. Select a Jenkins master from the Master drop-down menu, then select a job from the Job drop-down.
  5. Add a property file, if desired. See the property files section of the Pipeline Expression Guide for more information about how to specify and use property files.