Getting Started

UI and version control support for Managed Delivery are currently limited, so you’ll be interacting with Managed Delivery using curl and the Spinnaker API for most operations.

Spinnaker accepts resource definitions in yaml and in json.

Env Setup

# env setup

Create or Update a Resource

To submit a resource to Spinnaker, save your configration in a file (resource.yml).

TODO: an example

Then, submit it to Spinnaker:

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/x-yaml" --header "X-SPINNAKER-USER: ${SPINNAKER_USER}" --data-binary @$file ${SPIN_URL}

Delete a resource

To delete a resource, send a delete request to Spinnaker:

curl -X DELETE -H "Content-Type: application/x-yaml" --header "X-SPINNAKER-USER: ${SPINNAKER_USER}" ${SPIN_URL}/resourceName

Find a Resource’s ID

For some API calls you need the resource ID. You can find this by clicking on the resource in the UI, and then clicking on Resource Actions -> Raw Source (right side on the panel that pops out). The ID will be in the the metadata section and will be human readable, like ec2:cluster:test:keeldemo-main.


There are great plans and ambitions for better tooling. Please look forward to that.