Configure HTTP Artifact Credentials

Spinnaker stages that read data from artifacts can read HTTP files directly.

If the files are hidden behind basic auth, you can configure an artifact account with the needed credentials to read your artifact. If not, no further configuration is needed, Spinnaker will automatically add a no-auth-http-account for this purpose.


  1. Collect your basic auth $USERNAME and $PASSWORD
  2. Pick a $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE location on your disk
  3. Run:


Edit your artifact settings

  1. Collect the $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE value returned from the prerequisites section above.

  2. Make sure that artifact support is enabled:

    hal config features edit --artifacts true
    hal config artifact http enable
  3. Add an artifact account:

    hal config artifact http account add my-http-account \
        --username-password-file $USERNAME_PASSWORD_FILE