Setting up Jenkins as a Continuous Integration (CI) system within Spinnaker enables using Jenkins as a Pipeline Trigger, as well as the Run Script stage, which depends on Jenkins as a job executor.


You need a running Jenkins Master at version 1.x - 2.x reachable at a URL ($BASEURL) from whatever provider/environment Spinnaker will be deployed in. If Jenkins is secured, you need a username/password ($USERNAME/$PASSWORD) pair able to authenticate against Jenkins using HTTP Basic Auth.

Adding Your Jenkins Master

First, make sure that your Jenkins master is enabled:

hal config ci jenkins enable

Next, we will add Jenkins master named my-jenkins-master (an arbitrary, human-readable name), to your list of Jenkins masters:

echo $PASSWORD | hal config ci jenkins master add my-jenkins-master \
    --address $BASEURL \
    --username $USERNAME \
    --password # password will be read from STDIN to avoid appearing
               # in your .bash_history