Install and Configure Spinnaker

This section describes how to install and set up Spinnaker so that it can be configured for use in production. If you just want to evaluate Spinnaker without much work, one of the options in Quickstart might be a better choice.

What you’ll need

  • A machine on which to install Halyard

    This can be a local machine or VM (Ubuntu 14.04/16.04, Debian, or macOS), or it can be a Docker container.

  • A Kubernetes cluster on which to install Spinnaker itself

The process

Installing a complete Spinnaker involves these steps:

  1. Install Halyard
  2. Choose a cloud provider
  3. Choose an environment
  4. Choose a storage service
  5. Deploy Spinnaker
  6. Back up your config
  7. Configure everything else (which includes a lot of stuff you need before you can use Spinnaker in production)
  8. Productionize Spinnaker (which mainly helps you configure Spinnaker to scale for production)

And then what?

Get started using Spinnaker