Cloud Foundry

The contents of this page refer to alpha features in Spinnaker 1.10 and later.

This means we are working on their stability and usability, as well as possibly adding or changing features. Expect rough edges, and file issues as needed.

In Cloud Foundry (CF), an Account maps to a user account on a CF foundation (a BOSH Director and all the VMs it deploys). You can add multiple accounts for one or more CF foundations.


Your CF foundations’ API endpoints must be reachable from your installation of Spinnaker.

Add an account

Halyard version > 1.15.0

First, we make sure the provider is enabled:

hal config provider cloudfoundry enable

Next, run the following hal command (replacing placeholders with actual values) to add an account named my-cf-account to your list of Cloud Foundry accounts:

hal config provider cloudfoundry account add my-cf-account \
  --api=[] \
  --user=[user-account] \
  --password=[user-password] \
  --environment=[dev,prod,...] \
  --appsManagerUri=[] \

As part of the command execution Halyard will attempt to connect to the Cloud Foundry Foundation and return an error when this attempt fails.

To see the current accounts for the provider run:

hal config provider cloudfoundry account list

To see details about any account for the provider run:

hal config provider cloudfoundry account get [account-name]

Halyard version <= 1.15.0

While the Cloud Foundry provider is in alpha, the hal CLI does not have support for adding a CF account (this support will be added soon). Instead, you can use Halyard’s custom configuration to add a CF account to an existing installation of Spinnaker.

On the machine running Halyard, Halyard creates a .hal directory. It contains a subdirectory for your Spinnaker deployment; by default, this subdirectory is called default. The deployment subdirectory itself contains a profiles subdirectory. Change to this subdirectory (an example path might be something like ~/.hal/default/profiles/) and within it, create the two files shown below.

Create a file called settings-local.js, with the following contents:

window.spinnakerSettings.providers.cloudfoundry = {
  defaults: {account: 'my-cloudfoundry-account'}

This file tells Spinnaker’s Deck microservice to load functionality supporting CF.

Create another file called clouddriver-local.yml, modifying the contents to include the relevant CF credentials:

  enabled: true
    - name: account-name
      user: 'account-user'
      password: 'account-password'
    - name: optional-second-account
      user: 'second-account-user'
      password: 'second-account-password'

This file gives Spinnaker account information with which to reach your CF instance.

For any version of Halyard

If you are setting up a new installation of Spinnaker, proceed to “Next steps” below.

If you are working with an existing installation of Spinnaker, apply your changes:

$ hal deploy apply

Within a few minutes after applying your changes, you should be able to view the CF instance’s existing applications from your installation of Spinnaker.

Next steps

Optionally, you can set up another cloud provider, but otherwise you’re ready to choose an environment in which to install Spinnaker.