The Spinnaker Openstack driver is developed and tested against the Openstack Mitaka release. Due to the limitless ways to configure Openstack and its services, here is a list of API versions that are required to be enabled:

  • Keystone (Identity) v3
  • Compute v2
  • LBaaS v2
  • Networking v2
  • Orchestration (Heat)
  • Ceilometer
  • Telemetry Alarming (Aodh)
  • Glance v1

You will need an account admin permissions for Spinnaker to use. You can download the openrc from your Horizon UI. To test your setup, use the the OpenStack command-line client.

Adding an account

First, make sure that the provider is enabled:

hal config provider openstack enable

The OpenStack account information is in your Run the following hal command to add an account named my-openstack-account to your list of OpenStack accounts, filling your specific information as needed:

hal config provider openstack account add my-openstack-account \
    --auth-url http://authurl:5000/v3  --username service-account \
    --domain-name default --regions RegionOne --project-name the-project \
    --password service-password --environment exampleenv

Advanced account settings

If you are looking for more configurability, please see the other options listed in the Halyard Reference.

If managing load balancers in your Openstack environment through Spinnaker is failing due to timeouts, you may need to increase the timeout and polling interval. This is more likely to occur in a resource constrained Openstack environment such as Devstack or another smaller test environment. Openstack requires that the load balancer be in an ACTIVE state for it to create associated relationships (i.e. listeners, pools, monitors). Each modification will cause the load balancer to go into a PENDING state and back to ACTIVE once the change has been made. Spinnaker needs to poll Openstack, blocking further load balancer operations until the status returns to ACTIVE.

Next steps

Optionally, you can set up another cloud provider, but otherwise you’re ready to choose an environment in which to install Spinnaker.