:warning: Losing Minio’s data will mean losing all your Spinnaker application metadata, and configured pipelines.

Minio is an S3-compatible object store that you can host yourself. This is the persistent storage solution we recommend when you don’t want to depend on a cloud provider to host your Spinnaker data.


Install Minio following the instructions on the Minio homepage, making sure to have it run on an endpoint reachable by Spinnaker. Record the following values:

  • ENDPOINT: The fully-qualifed endpoint Minio is reachable on. If Minio is running on the same machine as Spinnaker, this might be http://localhost:9001.

  • MINIO_ACCESS_KEY, MINIO_SECRET_KEY: The access/secret keypair you’ve configured Minio with. These env vars need to be visible to the Minio process for them to work.

Editing Your Storage Settings

Run the following commands (notice we are picking S3 as our storage type, because Minio implements the S3 API):

echo $MINIO_SECRET_KEY | hal config storage s3 edit --endpoint $ENDPOINT \
    --access-key-id $MINIO_ACCESS_KEY \
    --secret-access-key # will be read on STDIN to avoid polluting your
                        # ~/.bash_history with a secret

hal config storage edit --type s3